Boston Scientific is named a “100 Best Company” for working mothers

MBA Graduate Donna Leahy, Production Unit Coordinator, Structural Heart at Boston Scientific shares her advice on successfully managing a career and home life every day.

How work success helped her succeed at motherhood:
“To succeed at work you need to be highly motivated and focused but also enjoy your work. With motherhood it’s similar. You need to be focused on getting your children ready for each stage of their lives, but also enjoy every moment along the way.”

How she integrates life and work to feel fulfilled in both:
“Through the years, I have brought my sons to numerous Boston Scientific Kiddies Parties and Family Days, which they really love. Plus, I am lucky to be surrounded by really good friends at work, who my family and I spend time with on the weekend.”

How she disconnects:
“When I leave the plant each evening, I spend my time in the car prioritizing my ‘to do’ list for the next day. But, from the minute I put the key in the door, it’s family time. As well as the obligatory dropping and collecting of the kids, I do a lot of walking in the evenings and love going to hurling matches.”


“If you work hard, the company will retain you”

Ailish Kelly studied the BSc (Business Information Systems) & MSc (International Management) at NUI Galway. She has been working in sales for a company selling medical devices since 2012.
“We have to look at the good in what we have right now. With the big tech and social media multinationals, there’s a lot of flexibility and people have the idea that that’s a fantastic way to work, they feel that that should be the way in every organisation. Other workplaces are moving towards that model, but it’s not the reality of every single organisation, nor should it be the expectation.
No matter what company you go into, you have to work really hard and if you work hard enough, the company will want to retain your talent

My experiences have all been positive. The transition from college to work took some adjusting to – I definitely had to adapt, I didn’t expect it to be as it was. You have such a different lifestyle in university, and going into the professional world with complete independence, it’s a completely different ballgame. I don’t think graduates realise when they do leave, the change that is ahead of them.
When I had completed my undergrad, a lot of people that were getting employment had postgrads or Masters, and because it was so competitive, I thought it would benefit me to bring me to the standard of where the majority of people were. I feel like the Masters is the new degree these days.

My company is very friendly to millennials, they really welcome them into the organisation. There’s an older generation there, and I think the younger generation has something to teach them, too.
It’s critical to be recruiting millennials in terms of technology and social media, and they can really add value when they’re given the floor space to share opinions. Having them more a part of the team is crucial to success on both sides.



Dr. Srinivas Raghavendra speaking at the international conference on Gender and Macroeconomics

Dr. Srinivas Raghavendra recently spoke at the international conference on Gender and Macroeconomics organised by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington DC. Dr. Raghavendra’s talk was based on his work on the macroeconomic loss due to violence against women.

Dr. Raghavendra’s research is focused on a number of major themes in the areas of Macroeconomics, Finance and Complex systems, and Political Economy. The broad theme that connects various strands of his research is the issue of dynamic interrelation between economic growth and distribution of income, and his current work focuses on this question in the context of financialisation. Dr. Raghavendra also served as the Associate Director for Multidisciplinary Research in the Whitaker Institute. Dr Raghavendra collaborates with people in two institutions in India; Jawaharlal Nehr University (JNU) in New Delhi – his alma mater, and also the Indian Institute of Sciences in Bangalore (IISc).

For more information, see the conference website:

MSc (Marketing Practice): Michaela’s Blog

Well from the beginning of the programme in September I knew it was going to be a busy and challenging yet very rewarding year ahead. In the first three weeks of the programme, we were set short deadlines for different projects and at times this was a struggle, however, I feel as a class we helped each other through and kept each other positive. It’s in the first few weeks of the course, you really develop skills in resilience and how you best cope with stress. These skills have helped me all through my placement. The people you meet on this course become your friends almost immediately and even though everyone leaves college to go on placement, there is a great sense of community and support from your classmates.

The best aspects of the programme in my opinion were the guest speakers who we met in the first few weeks of the programme, these first few weeks really prepare you for the year ahead, the guest speakers told their stories and it really gets you thinking about your goals for the year and what you want to get out of being on the programme. I enjoyed the online lectures while you are on placement, I found that the lectures really helped me to bring new ideas to my placement as the weeks went by. But overall, my favourite aspect of the programme has been my placement.

I was placed in Burke Insurances an insurance brokerage in Galway. My placement was a little different to others in that I worked for Burke Insurances Monday to Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday I worked for a group of 18 brokerages based all across Ireland part of the Source Broker Network. At first, this sounded a little daunting to me, that I would be essentially working for two different companies; however, looking back now I couldn’t imagine my placement any other way. I have learned so many new skills, I have developed old skills, I have practiced marketing and I have learned a lot about myself. My placement gave me the opportunity to conduct a lot of research into new markets, I managed seven different websites, I managed a number of social media pages and gained knowledge into Facebook and LinkedIn advertising, I created content in the form of blogs and videos, I developed product information brochures, I attended numerous networking events where I met many people who were interested in this programme and wanted to help me in any way they could with the programme and my placement.

Upon completion of this programme, I feel confident that I have developed the right skills I need in order to go out into the working world. I feel that I can bring what I learned from my placement into any company which I move to next.

I would highly recommend this course to anybody who has an interest in marketing. I may be biased but I really believe it is one of the best programmes out there. The experiences you have in the classroom, in your placement and with the people you meet on this programme really are incredible.

Intel Award for MSc in International Management

NUI Galway’s formal celebration of University Scholarships, prizes and gold medals recently took place in the Bailey Allen Hall, Áras na Macléinn. The celebration consisted of a presentation by the President of an award to each winner, followed by an address by the President, and a reception in Áras na Mac Léinn afterwards.

Pictured are Dr. Denise Holland, Professor John McHale, President Dr. Jim Browne, Paul Scully, Dr. Josephine Igoe, Dr. Tom Acton, and NUI Galway students Sinead Russell and Oisin Molloy, who jointly scooped the Intel Award valued at €1,000 for highest academically performing students on the MSc International Management, in the Discipline of Management at NUI Galway.

The award winning MSc in International Management provides students with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the principles and application of international business and management.  Sinead is now a Financial Analyst at KPMG and Oisin work as part of In-house Recruitment department at Ernst & Young

According to Programme Director, Dr Josephine Igoe, “We are delighted to have this important industry collaboration with Intel, as a successful multinational company here in Ireland, and we thank them for their generous sponsorship of ‘ the best student award’. This collaboration recognises high performing students and the best of what this MSc programme delivers into the marketplace and is appropriately sponsored by one of the highest performing multinational companies operating in Ireland.”

Paul Scully, Vice President, Human Resources, Director of EMEA, INTEL Corporation says “As we move from internet to the digital economy there will be a number of critical leadership skills at its epicenter; critical thinking & problem-solving skills, communication skills, collaboration skills, and finally innovation skill sets. The NUIG MSc programme is equipping the future Talent pool to have these important capabilities, therefore ‘strategically’ preparing the Talent Marketplace to succeed in the Digital economy. Intel are delighted to be partnering with NUIG in building this Talent pool for the future.”

For more information about MSc in International Management email Gerry Campbell at or call +353 91 493771.


MSc (HRM) Medtronic Sponsored Award

On Wednesday, 30 March, six teams from the M.Sc. in Human Resource Management at NUIG presented on the topic theme of ‘Communicating Pensions to Millennials’.

The presentations were judged by Dave Morris, Medtronic, Maura Howe, the Pensions Authority,  John Gethin, Aviva, and Adrian Cafferky, Churchfield Corporate Financial Solutions.

The award winning team comprised Jenna Quinn, Laura Phillips, Kerrie O’Neill, Jonathan O’Connor and Erika Feerick.  The event was organised by NUIG lecturer in Management, Maureen Maloney.

John Gethin from Aviva complimented the “level of work, effort and research coupled with some real gems of innovation that were demonstrated by all groups”. The students won a cash award, sponsored by Medtronic and will present at an international conference organised by FairTax, a H2020 EU-funded project.

B.Comm International with German: Emma’s Blog


Spending four years studying Commerce with German in NUIG was a decision which I will be forever grateful for. The course gives you a broad overview of Commerce in general while also giving you a full degree in business level German.

In school, I had always struggled with German as a subject. However, I found studying German at college to be very different. Smaller interactive class sizes combined with dedicated lecturers greatly enhanced the learning experience. German, once my least favourite subject in school, ended up being one of the most enjoyable throughout college.

Erasmus is a once in a lifetime opportunity which I would highly recommend to any student who gets the chance. My Erasmus was not just a way to improve my language skills but I also got to meet new and interesting people and explore several European cities along the way.
Having a language makes you very employable. My current employer, an international firm with their European headquarters here in Galway, were impressed by my Business knowledge and my ability to speak German in my role.

I’d advise anyone who is looking for a versatile yet specialised degree in Commerce with a language to definitely consider studying Commerce International with German in NUIG.

For more infomation about the course visit:
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