NUI Galway Masters students tackle real 21st century HR problems

Students from the NUI Galway Masters in Human Resource Management (HRM) and Strategy, Innovation and People Management (SIPM) programmes recently completed applied HR projects with leading local and national companies across a range of industries and sectors including Deloitte, Ingersoll Rand and McDonald’s. Led by Dr Alma McCarthy, the students applied theory and best practice to address contemporary HR challenges facing the organisations.

Each of the participating companies identified a current HR challenge they face and the students completed research on best practice to recommend solutions to the companies. Challenges included effectively managing virtual global teams, talent attraction and employee engagement.

Speaking about the event, Dr Alma McCarthy stated: “One of the key challenges with University education is how to make learning as real and applied as possible. This innovative project required our Masters students to work on real HR challenges and issues for leading companies so they could apply theory to practice. The companies got some really good ideas which they plan to use in implementing their HR strategy”.

One of the MSc HRM students said: ““I loved working on this assignment. It was amazing to actually work on a real HR project, and it was a really unique yet great learning opportunity”.

The MSc in HRM and the MSc in Strategy, Innovation and People Management are both approved by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) for accreditation at the advanced level. Students on these programmes can achieve Associate Membership of CIPD. After graduation, as they build professional experience, they can progress through the professional stages of CIPD membership from Chartered Member to Chartered Fellow.

Further information on the programmes is available at


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