Human Resource Stream Event

The HR Steam Event was organised by Dr Deirdre Curran (HR Stream Co-ordinator) and her team of three excellent student representatives; Orla O’Connor, Kamila Los and Micheal Fahey.

The objectives for the event were;

  • To provide Stream Students with an opportunity to network with HR Professionals
  • To provide valuable learning on the reality of HR
  • To give students an opportunity to connect with each other outside of class and build an identity as HR Stream students
  • To experience a fun learning event
  • To gain ‘first hand’ information on the MSc HR

Five experienced Human Resource professionals took part in the event which was formatted in two parts.

The first part took place in Friars Canteen on the ground floor of the Business School, where the students participated in speed-networking.

A HR professional sat at one of five round tables. The Stream reps had prepared question cards in advance relating to the workings and importance of HR. Students joined the professional at each table and asked questions randomly from the pile. After ten minutes, a whistle blew and the students rotated to another table and another HR professional for the same process. This created a high-energy communication buzz and meant that the students got to spend time with, and learn from, each professional guest.

For the second part of the event the students and HR professionals moved to a teaching room where a structured conversation was facilitated by Deirdre Curran. The guests sat in a panel in front of class and shared their experience of HR in response to set questions.

Two of our current MSc HR students sat at a 6th table and responded to pre-prepared questions about the masters programme.

Despite being an evening event in Week 10 of the semester, over 40 students attended and engaged fully in the event.

Guest Professionals:

  1. Mary O’ Donovan, HR Manager, Boston Scientific
  2. John Geraghty, Independent HR Consultant
  3. Kerri O’Neill, KCR Recruitment
  4. Joan Hannon, HR Manager, Boston Scientific
  5. Catherine Dollard, Comp & Benefits, Medtronic

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