Boston Scientific is named a “100 Best Company” for working mothers

MBA Graduate Donna Leahy, Production Unit Coordinator, Structural Heart at Boston Scientific shares her advice on successfully managing a career and home life every day.

How work success helped her succeed at motherhood:
“To succeed at work you need to be highly motivated and focused but also enjoy your work. With motherhood it’s similar. You need to be focused on getting your children ready for each stage of their lives, but also enjoy every moment along the way.”

How she integrates life and work to feel fulfilled in both:
“Through the years, I have brought my sons to numerous Boston Scientific Kiddies Parties and Family Days, which they really love. Plus, I am lucky to be surrounded by really good friends at work, who my family and I spend time with on the weekend.”

How she disconnects:
“When I leave the plant each evening, I spend my time in the car prioritizing my ‘to do’ list for the next day. But, from the minute I put the key in the door, it’s family time. As well as the obligatory dropping and collecting of the kids, I do a lot of walking in the evenings and love going to hurling matches.”


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