Prepare Yourself for Summer Exams

We are already half was through semester 2, time is flying, and before you know it exams will be upon us once again. For this reason we have put together a number of good practices that will help you prepare for the summer exams.

exam prep

Organise yourself: A good way to begin is to make sure you have all the essential stationary you will need including folders, notepads and pens. Keep your printed sheets all together in a folder and assign certain subjects to specific notepads.

Write your study notes: If you haven’t already started, it is a good idea to begin writing study notes for your subjects. An ideal time to do this would be during the hours off in between lectures. Having your study notes ready to go will reduce the workload and stress of study week.

Set aside study time during the week: 1 hour in the evening or a few hours at the weekend, it is a good idea to begin studying your subjects. Get your brain into the study mode now and it won’t be such a big transition in April.

Decide a study approach: Whether it be a visual display of your notes, bullet points or essay style, decide on your preferred approach to study.

Past exam papers: Print out some past exam papers and familiarise yourself with the types of exam questions that have been asked previously. Try to answer the questions using bullet points or diagrams. Doing this will prevent a mini heart attack when you start looking up exam papers during study week.

Spend Easter wisely: It is a time to celebrate and spend with your family but it is also an opportunity to get a head start on your study. Assign a small bit of time during the break to get stuck into the books.

Take regular breaks: When you do get into the full swing of studying it is important to take regular short breaks to clear your head.

By carrying out any of the above practices you will be well on the way for a less stressed exam period. Another thing to bare in mind is balance.

Balance is key. It is important to remember to balance your life with regards to work and play. Here is a small picture of what we think a good work-life balance of a student might look like.


And remember, ‘By failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ (Benjamin Franklin).

Posted by Leanne Dunne